Smile Parade

Smile Parade

High Quality Graphic Apparel with Character

Welcome to Smile Parade, a unique lifestyle and brainchild of comedy actor Kenan Thompson, which is dedicated to spreading a creative vibe and bringing you cool and unique custom clothing.

Find a style that speaks to you with our line of high quality apparel. Kick back in one of our colorful and comfortable tees. Stay warm in our classic hoodie. Serve up your headwear game with a sleek embroidered hat. All of our apparel items are top quality, and are made right here in America. We have close relationships with local screen printing and embroidery vendors in the New York City Metropolitan area, so that we can guarantee the highest possible satisfaction from our products. You’re definitely going to look good.

Another thing which makes Smile Parade apparel stand out is the custom character designs. You may know our founder, Kenan Thompson, for his inventive portrayal of numerous iconic characters over the years, and now it’s time for you to get in character! Choose from a cavalcade of unique, ready to wear cartoon friends who are definitely going to spice up your life! Whatever your attitude, we have a character for you. Supporting the passion of young artists is something that can make us all smile, and Smile Parade has selected a plethora of young up-and-coming artists to be part of this and future projects.

Creative Vibes and Cool Custom Clothes

Being young in America is a unique opportunity to be involved in a community. Reaching out across social and cultural borders gives young people a perspective which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. At Smile Parade we believe that art is a great tool for encouraging diversity and communication. Artists can form and share their passion with a growing community to help others laugh, smile and appreciate the uniqueness which surrounds them. Getting involved with art – whether its on paper, the stage or in pixels – gives young minds the satisfaction of working with passion and focus, and encourages the sharing of ideas.

Smile Parade founder Kenan Thompson chose Kickstarter for this project because we wanted to get a community involved to spread awareness of this cause. When you wear our apparel, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped enrich the lives of our nation’s young people, and you’ll get some cool custom clothing as an added bonus. The more you give, the more you’ll get. Choose from all the items in our a la carte collection. Get bigger rewards for purchasing at higher levels, including our first and second tier collections which both feature a variety of items at a reduced price.

We at Smile Parade are here to spread the word about advocating on behalf of young creatives, and our entourage of cool characters is leading the way! Visit our Kickstarter page today to learn more. You’ll get some cool shirts, custom hoodies, and embroidered hats while helping to support a growing artistic community which was created to spread a positive creative vibe. Keep the parade marching!

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